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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Internal Services
Department of Emergency Medical Services is equipped with 12 beds, 4 beds in the red zone, each red zone bed is equipped with most advanced life-saving gadgets namely, cardiac bay, trauma bay, pediatric bay and medical emergency bay. The yellow zone has 6 beds for recovering patients or patients being observed for admission. We also have a special room for infectious disease and isolation bed. There is a separate minor operation theatre and a high end operation theatre is within the department for major life saving procedures. Additionally, we also have patient counselling and consulting room for walk in patients.
External Services
        • Trauma Ambulance Services
Trauma Ambulance Services
The very first of its kind in India; the Aditya Birla Hsopital trauma ambulance is especially designed and fabricated to evacuate multiple poly traumatized accident victims from the accident sitein a single visit. The ambulance is equipped with two separate sets of stretchers, spine boards and head immobilizer’s, in addition to life saving equipment such as monitors, Lifepack 15 (monitor/defibrillators/transthoracic pacemaker with the ability to transmit data online to the hospital) ECG recorders and a GPS and internet communication system to enable communication with the hospital EMS department while patients are in transit. The trauma ambulance is also designed to ferry three non-serious or wounded patients in a separate cabin to transport as many victims at a time. Additionally the ambulance has two jumbo oxygen cylinders that can suffice two patients for up to 12 hours. The wide bodies, comfortable ambulance is staffed with trained ITLS and ACLS medics and para medics that are backed by a experiences and qualified trauma team. The ambulance also has a separate cabinet to accommodate road accident victims that need to be excavated from damaged vehicles