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In-patient Care
  •   Admission staff is available to answer queries and provide guidance with room selection.
  •   An initial deposit needs to be paid at the time of admission according to the room category. Charges are based on the room       category, irrespective of the medical services.
  •   Patients are urged to clarify all doubts about hospital charges, payment mode, billing and others before admission. All       queries regarding billing can be clarified by the billing staff.
  •   Patients are admitted under the sole discretion of the hospital consultants.
  •   The estimated cost in case of planned surgeries, are provided at the ‘Estimate Counter’ of the Inpatient Services       Department. Patients are encouraged to first get an estimate of the surgery.
  •   Room confirmation is subject to availability on the day of admission.
  •   Food is complimentary to all patients, including lactating mothers, mothers of children admitted in hospital (only child below       1 year).
  •   An additional charge of 50% is applicable on non-scheduled emergency surgeries, indulging Sunday, holidays and on other       days between 7.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.
  •   Payment can be made in cash, by credit card or via the hospitals NEFT facility. Personal cheques are not accepted. Short       payment of initial deposit during emergency admission has to be cleared within 12 hrs. of admission or by noon of the next       working day.
Corporate Admissions
  •   Corporate clients are required to submit their company’s credit letter on the date of admission. In case of emergency       admissions, thec redit letter should be submitted within 12 hrs. of admission
  •   In the case of the non-submission of the company’s credit letter, the patient is deemed as a cash patient and an initial       deposit will be charged. The same is refundable (at the time of discharge) against the submission of the company’s credit       letter
  •   Patients opting for a room/bed category higher than their entitlement are required to pay the difference in charges. Charges       for investigations, operation theatre charges, and the doctor’s fees are subject to change according to the room category
Credit Facility
  •   Credit facility is offered only to the patient from Corporate and those with Third Party Insurance (TPA)
  •   Patient covered under Medical Insurance: it is mandatory to get approval for cashless facility from TPA before admission,       however if the patient gets admitted in an emergency, then the approval for cashless facility must be produced before the       discharge
  •   In case there is a delay in authorization or denial of authorization from the insurance/TPA, the hospital cannot be held       responsible and 100% of estimated cost or the difference in cost must be deposited at the time of admission or before the       surgery
  •   Patients are required to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission as specified by the admission counter
  •   For surgeries, the entire cost of package has to be paid at the time of admission.
  •   The deposits will be adjusted against the final bill.
  •   Charges for investigation, operation theatre and the doctor’s fees are subject to change according to the room category.
  •   In case monies have to be refunded on the same day as that of the deposit, then the refund will be made in cash.
  •   In case monies have to be refunded on the next day of the deposit, then the refund would be made by cheque. In such a case, the Identity of IPD Personnel would take proof from the patient/relative.
  •   The discharge process is initiated only after the consultant deems the patient fit for discharge
  •   Discharge timing is before 12.00 p.m. On the day of discharge after noon and up to six hours later a hospital charge of half day fees is applicable. After six hours and before twenty four hours a full day charge is applicable
  •   In case of patient not wanting to continue treatment at the hospital, they could ask for Leave Against Medical Advice (LAMA)       after consultation with the doctor
  •   Patients are encouraged to check the room carefully for personal belonging before leaving. The hospital is not responsible       for missing properties after the patient has left the room
  •   Patients are advised to collect the discharge summary before leaving the hospital
  •   To avail of ambulance/transport facility on discharge, the patient must put in a request in advance at the nursing       counter/reception counter. Transportation is provided if available and is charged separately

NOTE: Discharge process may take 3 to 4 hours to be completed from the time the consultant initiates the discharge. There may be an additional delay of 3 to 4 hours in case a final authorization is required for those patients availing medical insurance facility
General Guidelines
  •   Do not keep any valuables including jewelry and cash with you. Be careful with your personal articles (mobile, camera, etc.).
  •   Kindly collect receipts for every deposit paid/payment made.
  •   You are advised not to handle/operate medical equipment on your own in the interest of your safety.
  •   Tipping employees is a violation of hospital norms.
  •   Breakage or damage caused to any piece of crockery, furniture, medical equipment, etc. will be charged at actuals.
  •   Outside food is not allowed inside hospital for patients or their attendants. The hospital serves well-balanced vegetarian meals.
  •   Smoking, Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the hospital premises.
  •   Mobile phones are not permitted in restricted areas of the hospital i.e. ICU, Operation Theatres, MRI and Maternity Ward to name a few.
  •   Photography is prohibited in hospital premises.
  •   All medicines, consumables for the patient will be provided by the hospital, no outside medicine or consumables are permitted
  •   The hospital security has the right to check baggage and request for visitor passes at their discretion
  •   In an endeavor to constantly improve hospital services, we request you to kindly fill in the feedback forms