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Wellness Assessment Center
Wellness Assessment Centre
Early Detection and Timely Prevention
Modern lifestyle symbolizes excessive stress and strain brought on by extended work hours, irregular eating habits, late nights, weekend parties, inadequate rest and to top of it all, high levels of pollution. Such undesirable factors are bound to cause health related problems, be they physical, mental and psychological disorders
To cope up with the rising risk of medical disorders, health monitoring has now become mandatory. Most health problems can be managed or prevented with few lifestyle changes if made in time
Our teams of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals are able to investigate each case individually and provide the required medical services under one roof
Good health is a state of physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, our aim is to create awareness, educate patients and guide them to a healthy life style
Room Categories
  •   Take prior appointment. For appointment call 020 30717612 / 9881123012
  •   Ensure that you have been fasting for 12 hours prior to check up
  •   Do not consume any medications, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other liquid (except water) in the morning
  •   Bring stool / urine sample in a container as required (containers are available on request) at the Wellness Assessment        Center
  •   Please bring all medical prescriptions and previous medical records
  •   Inform the health check reception in case of a history of diabetes or cardiac related problems
  •   If you wear spectacles, kindly bring one along with you at the time of check up
For Women
  •   Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo X-ray test
  •   Women are advised to avoid health checkups during menstrual cycle / monthly periods
  •   Dress Code: Since you will be required to change clothes frequently while undergoing various tests, you may feel more        comfortable in casual clothes and footwear (please avoid heavy jeweler)