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Aditya Birla Hospital fulfills the dream of parenthood for a couple,through advance technology
“My child is not less than a miracle and it would not have been possible without the advance facility and expertise of the doctors at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital”, stated the28-year-old Shobha Koli who delivered a baby of 1.2 Kg after 7 years of her marriage through the IVF procedure done at Aditya Birla Fertility Centre.
The state of art facilities and equipment’s available at Aditya Birla Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra’s first Joint Commission International (JCI), USA and NABH accredited Hospital, the multidisciplinary approach (radiologist, IVF Consultant, Obstetricians and Neonatologist) and the expertise, skillset of the doctors made this miracle possible for patient Shobha Koli.
28 years, Mrs. Shobha Koli, married for 7 years, had a long-standing history of infertility and hypertension for last two years. She had undergone IVF procedure and multiple surgeries in other healthcare clinics and hospitals but the pregnancy had to be terminated due to abnormality in baby. After loosing hopes, she was referred to Aditya Birla Hospital. She started her treatment under the super-vision of Dr. Seema Jain, Senior Infertility Consultant & Obstetrician Gynecologist, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. “The only chance of Mrs. Shobha Koli having a baby was through IVF in view of her age, multiple surgeries which had damaged her fallopian tubes and repeated IVF failures”, shared Dr. Seema Jain.
>Mrs. Shobha Koli conceived in the first attempt at Aditya Birla Hospital’s fertility clinic due to the advance technology at Aditya Birla’s labs. But the pregnancy was very complicated and continuous monitoring was required to control the blood pressure. This was made possible with high-end ultrasonography facilities available at the hospital.
“In the 29th week of pregnancy there was a sudden increase in Shobha’s blood pressure and the advance ultrasounds showed that there was a decrease in the blood supply to baby which complicated the case further, making it very critical. Hence we decided to go ahead with the delivery,” further shared Dr. Seema Jain, Senior Infertility Consultant & Obstetrician Gynecologist, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.
Mrs. Shobha Koli delivered a healthy pre-mature baby of 1.2kgs at 29 weeks gestation.  The baby was immediately admitted under Dr. Priya Mankar in the NICU of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, which is known to be one of the best NICU’s in the city. Emphasis was given on creation of an environment similar to mother’s womb so that baby would be able to grow in a natural way. The baby and the mother both are healthy now and have been discharged from the hospital.
“At Aditya Birla Hospital Infertility Clinic we aspire to deliver the dreams of couples and gift them the happiness of parenthood. We strive to offer the best facilities and advance technology, which would help us in fulfilling their dreams”, shared Ms. Rekha Dubey, CEO, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. “It always feels good when our team of expert doctors solve such complicated cases. Smiling faces of parents is what our objective is at the Aditya Birla fertility clinic. I am very happy for Shobha and her family”, she further added.