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Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital celebrates World Heart Month
starting, 1st to 31st September, 2015
Indians are genetically predisposed to heart attacks 20 years earlier than others, as Indians have the genetic dice loaded against them (Thrifty genotype) from birth. To combat this handicap, the hospital is encouraging young patients to not only live a healthy lifestyle and counter the risks of heart diseases, but also detect heart attack probability by eliminating its risk factors. To this end, the hospital is conducting a series of educational programs on all Wednesday’s of the month, starting 9th September, to 30th September, at its auditorium from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Additionally, the hospital is also undertaking a series of camps across different areas in and in the outskirts of Pune.
For those attending the educational lectures at the auditorium, the hospital will give a 25% discount on select cardiac tests. (Discount coupons available thereafter). Though, all patients visiting the hospital for cardiac care will be given a discount of 20% through the month of September.