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Nutrition and Dietetics
Obesity clinic

The ABMH Obesity clinic works at a scientific approach towards obesity management. We believe; eating moderately, combined with appropriate exercise is the best solution for a permanent weight loss. Weight loss necessarily means fat loss. The body composition analyzer helps to detect the different factors which contribute to form total body weight. These components are – Skeletal Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Body water, % Body Fat and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The objective of the Obesity clinic is to reduce the fat mass, % body fat and improve BMR and skeletal muscle mass. The diet, detoxification and exercise combination is individually designed, as per the body composition analysis of the patient, in order to ensure long term weight loss. The program also gives details of food menu with the low calorie recipes.

The obesity clinic team comprises of physician, dieticians and physiotherapist who take collective responsibility for the loss weight or fat of the individual. The program is designed to ensure healthy weight loss and overall fitness.

Pediatric cases of childhood obesity, Infertility, Diabetic and cardiac management with Obesity and other obesity related clinical diseases management are also handled efficiently here. We are champions of the first Obesity support group in the city.

ICU Nutrition

Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition planning is an important aspect of this set up. The trained dietician staff adopts a holistic nutritional management approach to patient care. Special attention is given to avoid malnutrition or weight loss of the patient; Daily nutrition needs are calculated and tailor made as protein and non-protein calories for each patient according to the clinical needs of the patients.

Diabetic Nutrition

Diabetic nutrition unit manages the dietary requirement for all types of diabetic patients. Specific tailor made diet charts calculate the carbohydrates and calorie requirements keeping in mind the stage of diabetes, drug and insulin intake of the patient. Individual programs are designed to achieve specific goals with regard to glycemic control. We also provide innovative, collaborative and supportive treatment that is focused on the needs of the individual patient, resulting in increased independence and enhanced quality of life for diabetics

Cardiac Nutrition

The cardiac nutrition unit meets its objectives by taking care of obesity. Nutrition requirements are calculated based on the clinical condition of the patient. The fat and micronutrient management of the diet is also efficiently done by the dietetics team.

Nephrology Nutrition

Dialysis and renal failure patients have specific nutrition programs. Renal Nutrition caters to the individual kidney patient's requirement and plans a tailor-made diet chart. It also involves educating patients on how to minimize potassium in their diet and calculate food protein. The program also helps patient to calculate calories required as per their needs.

Mother and Child Care Nutrition

Pregnant women need high nutrition support. In this program the dietetics team charts out the food requirement and converts it into dietary intake as per individual preferences. These include foods rich in calcium, iron and protein. Gastric complaints of constipation, nausea and others are efficiently handled by the dietetics team without hampering the nutrition of the mother at any stage. Antenatal classes are conducted in the hospital where nutrition sessions form an integral part of the learning.

Lactating mother's dietary requirements are also designed based on the patients requirements. The post-natal diet includes required amount of nutrition with right calories to take care of the nourishment of the baby without causing increase in maternal weight

Corporate Nutrition Programs

Corporate nutrition programs emphasize on higher awareness of lifestyle management, and specific condition related nutritional guidance. This includes canteen and dietary management of employees

Highlights of the corporate nutrition program are kitchen hygiene of the canteen, planning and supervision of the menu, educating kitchen staff on effective cooking techniques and maintaining individual diet charts. We also provide training on healthy eating habits for corporates