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Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences benefits just about every person, every day from healthier diets to better tasting foods to better understanding of disease and increased food safety. A clinical approach towards diet with the help of a highly skilled dietician can offer great value for a healthy lifestyle. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics is a multidimensional department that strives to improve the health and advance the profession of dietetics through research, education, and advocacy.
Our department of Nutrition & Dietetics supports all other specialities of the hospital offering nutrition advice as needed for the betterment of the patient, in order for the patient to have a holistic lifestyle after treatment. The department also has an OPD for the support of those people who wish to seek professional advice on nutrition and dietetics. Our services include:
Obesity clinic ICU Nutrition
IntraDiabetic Nutrition Cardiac Nutrition
Nephrology Nutrition Mother and Child Care Nutrition
Corporate Nutrition Programs  
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Our Team
Our hospital uses contemporary technology to assist doctors to better serve our patients. With the help of modern machinery we are able to make the treatment process as painless as possible, with minimum waste of time and maximum comfort.