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Organize a blood donation drive
How to Organize a Blood Donation Drive
Anyone can organize a blood donation drive. Organizing a blood donation drive is easy and rewarding with the help of our team at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. With your help and partnership we can save lives in the community.
A successful blood donation drive is one that gets the most people involved voluntarily! Blood donation is a selfless act; it only helps to serve the community.
Step 1:
Contact Us and speak to our representative to discuss the date and location of your drive. (If you do not hear from us in 10 days, please call 020 3071 7657 or mail.
Step 2:
Get other people involved to provide help with creating awareness, recruiting donors and educating individuals about the importance of donating blood.
Step 3:
Promote your blood donation drive within your organization or community.
Why host a blood drive
  •  Support your community by serving its humanitarian needs
  •   Garner good wil Help save lives
  •   Learn leadership and team building skills
  •   Be a part of a win-win situation
  •   Become a part of ‘Aditya Birla Samajik Jagruti Club’ and build your network
What to expect when hosting a blood drive
Hosting a blood donation drive is a partnership. A hospital representative will work with you every step of the way to help make your drive is a success:
What the organizer does
  •  Arranges a suitable location
  •  Promotes and organizes the drive
  •   Schedules donors for the drive
What the Hospital does
  •  Works with you to plan and organize the blood drive
  •  Brings equipment and supplies to you, sets everything up and
     takes it down at the end
 •  Confidentially screens donors and collects the donations,      safely and professionally
 •  Helps promote the activity via its official website and      facebook page
Blood Donation Drive Form
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