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Organize public health lectures and camps
Educating the public about basic health problems and offering simple, easy to use and practical solutions is the best way to create awareness of diseases in society. Public health lectures and camps serve to educated and empower community members to understand critical health issues and policies affecting the community at large.
The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital health lectures and camps educate and offer easy to follow prevention methods that enable a healthy society; healthy in body and mind.
How can you contribute?
Step 1:
Contact Us and speak to our representative to discuss the date and location of your activity. (If you do not hear from us in 10 days, please call 020 3071 7657 or mail.
Step 2:
Get other people involved to help with creating awareness and educating individuals about the importance of your drive.
Step 3:
Promote your drive within your organization or community.
Why organize a health lecture and camp
  •  Support your community by serving its humanitarian needs
  •   Garner good will
  •   Help save lives
  •   Learn leadership and team building skills
  •   Be a part of a win-win situation
  •   Become a part of ‘Aditya Birla Samajik Jagruti Club’ and build your network
What to expect when hosting a health lecture and camp
Hosting a health lecture and camp is a partnership that will create value for society. A hospital representative will work with you every step of the way to help make your drive is a success:
What the organizer does
  •  Arranges a suitable location
  •  Promotes and organizes the drive
What the Hospital does
  •  Works with you to plan and organize the drive
  •  Brings expertise and required equipment
 •   Helps promote the activity via its official website and
      facebook page
Organize a Health Lecture and Camp
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