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Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)
Phlebotomy is the surgical puncture of a vein in order to draw blood from a patient via medical needles. At ABMH it is carried out by a qualified phlebotomist and the blood is then studied by a physician to determine the health of a patient. The blood may also be used for another patient in need of a blood transfusion. The ABMH advantage:
    •   Fast donor response time (No unnecessary delay for donation)
    •   Whole blood collection under full aseptic conditions without any discomfort
    •   Good donor care during & after the donation
Components preparation
•   100% components separation (No whole blood for transfusion)     
•   By using automated component extractor (Compo Met G5, Fresenius Kabi)     
•   Good quality products in terms of yield (numbers of cells), volume (mL), dose (for effective outcome) & Leucoreduction (log 1-2
•   Plateletpheresis/Single donor platelet (SDP) by Amicus cell separator
•   Good quality product in terms of yield (numbers of platelets), volume (mL), dose (for effective outcome) & Leucoreduction (log 4
Blood grouping & cross-matching
•   By using Gelcard technology
•   Highly sensitive & accurate
•   Takes less time for results (30-45 minutes)
Donor's irregular antibody screening
•   By using gelcard technology
•   For prevention of transfusion reactions in patients
Antibody screening & identification
•   By using gel card technology
•   For prevention of transfusion reactions in patients
•   For transfusion of antigen negative blood in patients especially in Thalassemia & multiple transfused patients
Transfusion transmitted infections (TTIs) screening
•   By automated ELISA station
•   Done for (HIV, hepatitis B & C, malaria and syphilis)
•   100% screening testing on all donor’s blood unit, to provide safe and infection free blood
Special product preparation like Leucoreduction
•   Removal of WBCs from packed red blood cells (PRBCs)
•   Help in prevention of transfusion reactions like FNHTRs, HLA allo-immunization etc.
Various specialized tests related to Immunohaematology