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Radiology & Imaging
1. Will I need to drink lot of water for USG scan
Ans: We advice u to be fasted for most of the routine scans. Water (Full bladder), provides good window to look through. It helps in assessment of the pelvic organs.
2. Does MRI involve radiation
Ans: MRI does not involve radiation. Patient with metallic implant should inform beforehand.
3. I am pregnant, can I undergo xray or CT scan
Ans: Xray and CT scan has ionizing radiation, hence mostly avoided except for emergencies/life threatening conditions.
4. Will the IR procedure involve any pain
Ans: We perform most of our procedure under local anesthesia and light sedation. Almost all of our procedures are performed in presence of anesthetist who are specialist in managing pain.
5. Does it involve surgery? Will there be a scar / incision
Ans: Interventional radiologists specialize in performing procedures via a very small incision on the skin. Almost all of our procedures does not involve any surgical stitches or scars. Hence they are also called ‘Pin Hole operations’.
6. Will I need admission? When will I be able to return to work ?
Ans: Depending on the complexity; you may need admission for a day or two days. In most of the cases, you can return to work within one or two days after the discharge.